Health Information Technology

Better Information for Better Health

Because of constant innovation and changing regulations, the ways Indiana hospitals use technology is constantly evolving. Indiana is a long-time leader in health care innovation, and the discoveries we make here are changing the way that quality, safety and privacy are being improved.

Through our relationships with the Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc. and ExibHITIN, IHA is a strong advocate for education, development and promotion of new technologies in Indiana. Our goal is to ensure Indiana retains its leadership position in the adoption of health information technology.

Electronic Health Records

IHA is helping members understand "Meaningful uUe" requirements related to the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs). Learn more about Meaningful Use »

EHR Consulting

Purdue Regional Extension Center, a division of Purdue Healthcare Advisors, is a federally recognized REC and serves the majority of health care providers in the state of Indiana. During the past two years, PurdueREC has worked with more than 50 hospitals to meet the federal standards for Meaningful Use of electronic health records. Learn more about the PurdueREC and Purdue Healthcare Advisors »

HIPAA Compliance

In 2013, the long-awaited "Omnibus Rule" designed to simplify HIPAA administration was released. Hospitals will now be required to apply HIPAA obligations to vendors and subcontractors, modifies breach notification standards and expands patient rights to access and restrict protected health information. IHA and its general counsel are currently working to help members understand these changes and how they will have to adapt.

Strengthening the Health IT Workforce in Indiana

One of the biggest barriers to adopting more sophisticated health care technology is the lack of qualified health IT professionals. According to the College of Healthcare Information Management executives, nearly 67 percent of hospitals are experiencing shortages.

IHA is working with Indiana universities and community colleges to help design degree programs that prepare students to work with health care technologies. 

IUPUI Health Professions Programs »

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