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​CommerceHealthcare®, by Commerce Bank, offers solutions that are tailored for the healthcare industry, helping providers harness payment automation to improve processes, increase margin and reduce financial risk. 

From shifts in reimbursement to lowering costs, there is no shortage of challenges facing healthcare providers. Our team of healthcare and banking professionals will help you find a better approach to healthcare finance that delivers measurable results while enhancing the patient experience. Our receivables, payables, and patient financing solutions enable your organization to find cost savings, improve cash flow and leverage new opportunities in everyday processes.

As a national leader in payments and revenue cycle management, CommerceHealthcare® understands that building alternative revenue sources will play a critical role as your organization faces increasing pressure to diversify revenue, manage costs and maximize efficiencies. Accounts payable is an area hospitals and physician practices are finding significant revenue opportunities. As IHA's strategic partner for payables strategies, we take a different approach, creating a better experience for your organization, staff and suppliers. Our accounts payable solutions can help your organization:

  • Develop programs that complement existing initiatives and processes 
  • Generate monthly revenue share with no disruption to current banking relationships
  • Strengthen supplier relationships through a better payment experience
  • Accelerate the invoice approval and paym​ent process
  • Reduce costs associated with paper checks, while also minimizing fraud risks
  • Gain greater insight into payment trends through analytics and national benchmarks

The CommerceHealthcare® approach can help you transform the AP department by reducing costs, improving operating efficiencies and generating alternative profit streams. 

Discover if your organization is leaving money on the table. Schedule a free spend file analysis and see what revenue opportunities you may be missing.


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Robert Perd​ue, APSC
CommerceHealthcare | Automated Payment Solutions 
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