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Managed Care Advisory Group ​​​​​has been in the class action settlement recovery business since 2003. They represent over one thousand hospitals, and thousands of businesses from micro to Fortune 500 companies, and have distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to their clients. One thing that sets MCAG apart is their ability to leverage their exclusive databas​e to pull together required claim data – even when limited information is supplied by clients.


MCAG's settlement experts continually search for class actions for which you may be eligible. You do not have to spend time looking for applicable class actions or examining settlement documentation. Once you enroll in MCAG's service, they will notify you of the opportunity, determine your eligibility and submit claims on your behalf. There may be certain occasions that require the submission of limited additional information to MCAG, but the process will be as convenient as possible.


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Adam Schmidt​ 
VP, Settlements
3434 Granite Circle
Toledo, OH 43617
800-355-0466 (x2406), access code IHA123​

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