Healthcare Performance Partners is a leading lean, process, and quality improvement services firm that provides training, consulting, leadership coaching, technology, and facility-related solutions utilizing lean management principles in all that it does. HPP’s Lean, process, and quality improvement experienced staff includes physicians, industrial engineers, former hospital leaders, operations consultants, pharmacists, RN’s, architects, and change management PhD’s. Clients have included over 300 hospitals including large for profit systems, multi hospital non-profit systems, community hospitals, academic medical centers and other well recognized hospitals.

HPP has also provided services to hospitals and systems in Canada, United Kingdom, and Denmark, in addition to training for individuals from throughout North America, South America, Africa, East Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

HPP is on the leading edge of developing training programs in the application of lean in targeting the reduction of readmissions and for value based purchasing.

De​​​​​​scription of Service
HPP assists health care organizations with development of a more impactful management style, helping overburdened staff improve their work, building a structure around learning and growth, and viewing problem solving in an unconventional way.

Their proprietary lean enterprise development model deliberately combines improvement tools, organizational development and learning, management systems, and strategy development and deployment to construct the stable platform of sustainability necessary for all health care organizations. HPP has experience in customizing their approach for every clinical and business process of the organization, even including information technology, quality functions, human resources and the revenue cycle.

Value of Service​

  • Organizational Development and Learning Solutions – Deploy strategy and develop executive teams, departmental staff and physicians with the skills they need.
  • Lean Healthcare Training and Consulting Solutions – Be ready for value- and population- driven care by building your organization's core lean Healthcare competencies and management systems in order to become a true lean enterprise.​
  • Quality, Safety and Reliability Solutions – Make quality benchmarks irrelevant. Transform your quality staff into improvement specialists, grow a safety culture and meet value-based purchasing head-on.
  • Lean Facility Solutions – Take unprecedented advantage of your new facility and maximize your master plan. Ensure that function drives form, not the other way around.
  • Performance Improvement Solutions – Eliminate waste and maximize return, quickly. Develop rapid, practical, sustainable improvements in quality, safety, financials, satisfaction, and time.


Training, consulting, leadership coaching, technology, and facility-related solutions utilizing lean management principles.


Rick Malik, Sr. ​
Principal, Lean Solutions
1509 Hunt Club Boulevard, Suite 800 
Gallatin TN 37066
Office: 615-206-0701

Four-Part Series: Leading Lean​​
This four-part ​Leading Lean series provides a comprehensive explanation of a Lean transformation journey from launch to continued​ sustainment. These Lean systems require or​ganization-wide commitment, standard work, management systems, and strategic alignment to successfully and consistently deliver high-quality care at low cost. Pr​oviders are increasingly adopting Lean strategies to achieve sustained performance gains that drive greater safety, value, and efficiency in the healthcare delivery system.

No Missio​​n, No Margin: How to Improve Performance and Efficiency at the Same Time 


Improving the value of services provided by hospitals is no longer an option and the race is on.  Reimbursement is being adjusted based on clinical quality, patient experience, readmission rates and overall efficiency. The percentage of adjustment continues to climb and is likely not to plateau in the foreseeable future. CFO’s are quickly becoming advocates for quality improvement and are changing the age-old mantra of, “No margin, no mission” to, “No mission, no margin”.  So how should an organization go about improving performance and efficiency at the same time? The following steps may help you in your journey.

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Becoming a Customer Focused ​​Organization 


While at a recent site visit of a remarkable healthcare system that has been engaged in Lean for over a decade, the CEO made a statement that I found to be quite intriguing. When asked about Lean deployment within the organization, he commented, “It’s everyone’s job to make sure their customer’s needs are met.” On numerous occasions I’ve heard the saying, It’s everyone's job to do their job and secondly, improve their job. But the comment made by this CEO was slightly different and touched a chord within me because this minute variation to a common phrase keeps the customer as the focal point and provides purpose as to why everyone’s job, regardless of role or title, is important. 

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Another Flavor of the​​ Month? 


A lot of programs come and go — and some will even come back around again! Various methods for enhancing quality and safety have been no exception to falling in and out of favor. Over the years the “flavor-of-the-month” has gone from Continuous Quality Improvement, to Total Quality Management, to Six Sigma, to Lean. Participants sit in educational sessions, being indoctrinated with the newest discipline, all the while exchanging knowing glances of “this too shall pass!” But is the real issue the obsolescence of these disciplines or the inability of leaders to sustain them? 

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