FocusOne Solutions  provides health care professionals to client hospitals and clinics on contract arrangements, with extensions negotiated on request. FocusOne provides a solution that ensures the necessary number of health care professionals are available when requested, while increasing their clients' ability to realize staffing goals efficiently and affordably.

FocusOne Solutions provides all facets of temporary supplemental and contingent labor from a large pool of approved Affiliate Providers and creates new efficiencies and cost savings for all parties by utilizing a high-tech, high-touch approach through their customized web-based procurement tool, FocusOne Connect. The company offers a global service model, enabling hospitals to fully optimize their resources by channeling the staffing needs of all divisions and departments through a single source.


Temporary supplemental and contingent labor through web-based procurement tool, FocusOne Connect.


Dan Nordstrom
Business Development Executive
​13609 California Street
Omaha, NE 68154
402-891-1118 (x2168)

​​WEBINAR — 6 MA​​R 2018​

One contract.​ One invoice. One proc​​ess. 

Health care organizations are under increased pressure to operate more efficiently, control costs, and maintain patient care standards. Optimizing workforce management processes presents one of the greatest opportunities to improve performance across the board. Learn why IHA members are partnering with Endorsed Business Partner FocusOne Solutions to streamline their staffing process during an introductory webinar.​

Join the We​​binar ​- March 6 at 10 a.m. ET. 
Connect to the audio portion by calling 312-757-3121 (access code: 305-817-773). 

FocusOne absorbs the administrative functions that surround staff procurement and provides you with one point of contact for both clinical and non-clinical staffing needs. The company saves you time and energy by:​

  • Handling the calls
  • Managing the relationships with health care staffing agencies
  • Sourcing candidates​

Improve how you source your staff in a way that impacts the bottom line without sacrificing patient care. For more information, go to or email Dan Nordstrom, business development executive or call 402-891-1118, ext. 2168.​​