FocusOne Solutions is a leading managed services provider that streamlines the staffing process by channeling requests for contingent and direct hire staff through a single point of contact.  Health care facilities improve time to fill, increase efficiencies, elevate quality, and better manage compliance. FocusOne's people-based solution combines web-based software with a dedicated service team. From an operations consultant and clinical RN team to compliance and billing specialists, health care facilities have a hands-on partner to manage the procurement process and staffing agency relationships. FocusOne partners with hospitals and health care systems of all sizes and is able to source staff for roles across all segments of the healthcare organization, clinical and non-clinical. ​



Temporary supplemental and contingent labor through web-based procurement tool, FocusOne Connect.


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THE POWER OF AN MSP: FocusOne Solutions Case Study

According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, registered nurse is the most in-demand occupation in the state, and job openings for these positions are projected to increase by nearly 19% over the next decade. This speaks to what we know - the need for hospitals to develop a plan and strategy to better manage staffing and control costs of labor, among the largest expenses for health care facilities.  

An Endorsed Business Partner of the IHA, FocusOne Solutions is a managed services provider that can help you bridge this nursing gap for the next 10 years. Check out this short case study, The Power of An MSP, that illustrates how FocusOne was able to help a hospital with an urgent high volume staffing need open a new unit on time. It also covers factors that informed the hospital’s decision to engage FocusOne, a relationship that continues, including industry reputation, service offerings, software, and compliance management. 

To learn more about our complimentary service to IHA members or for a demo of our software, contact Courtney Dobernecker at 800.856.6574 or ​​


​IHA Endorsed Business Partner FocusOne Solutions was recently engaged to assist a large, Level 1 trauma center located in North Dakota with a sizeable, multi-phase hiring effort. Their partnership began in 2016, one year prior to the opening of the state’s newest and largest hospital, a $500 million, 12-floor, 284-bed facility. The facility faced significant challenges impacting its ability to right fit staffing levels in preparation for its opening and for hiring phases to follow. North Dakota is among the fastest growing states in the country and is consequently experiencing a rising demand for healthcare services. At the​ same time, North Dakota is among states which struggle to attract and recruit staff. 

Learn how FocusOne's recruitment strategy yielded impressive results. 

WEBINAR — 6 MA​​R 2018​

One contract.​ One invoice. One proc​​ess. 

Health care organizations are under increased pressure to operate more efficiently, control costs, and maintain patient care standards. Optimizing workforce management processes presents one of the greatest opportunities to improve performance across the board. Learn why IHA members are partnering with Endorsed Business Partner FocusOne Solutions to streamline their staffing process during an introductory webinar.​

Join the We​​binar ​- March 6 at 10 a.m. ET. 
Connect to the audio portion by calling 312-757-3121 (access code: 305-817-773). 

  • Handling the calls
  • Managing the relationships with health care staffing agencies
  • Sourcing candidates​

Improve how you source your staff in a way that impacts the bottom line without sacrificing patient care. For more information, go to or email Dan Nordstrom, business development executive or call 402-891-1118, ext. 2168.​​