Alliance for a Healthier Indiana

​Alliance for a Healthier Indiana

Indiana ranks at the bottom in many important health metrics including tobacco use, obesity, infant mortality and opioid abuse — and these are just a few critical examples. Our progress toward improvement is impeded by Indiana’s low public health spending per capita.

This shameful position contributes to higher health care spending, challenges for employers who want to provide health insurance, premature deaths, poor work and school attendance, and perpetuation of poverty. Our terrible health measures create a negative image for Indiana, which can make it more difficult to recruit new businesses and professionals looking for a healthy place to live, work and raise a family.

Together, the Alliance will tackle public health issues like obesity, infant mortality and opioid abuse. Our first priority will be to substantially reduce tobacco usage, which is the leading cause of preventable death in Indiana. Together we can pave the path to Hoosier Health!

Who We Are
The Alliance is a group of health care professionals, advocates, and community and business leaders from across Indiana who are committed to improving the health of our state. Our founding members include:
  • Indiana Hospital Association
  • Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • Indiana State Medical Association
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Indiana
  • Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health
2019 Legislative Priorities
The Alliance for a Healthier Indiana will urge the 2019 Indiana General Assembly to pass a cigarette tax increase to help us overcome one on of our biggest health challenges: too many Hoosiers smoke cigarettes and its hurting the health of our citizens and our state’s bottom-line. Indiana’s current 99.5-cents per pack tax is lower than all of our surrounding states. Research shows that increasing the price is the single most effective method for decreasing smoking rates — especially in those under age 18.

Even with reductions in current and future tobacco use, a tax increase is expected to generate more than $300 million in new revenue for the state and potentially shave off billions in long-term health care costs. The additional revenue could be used to address the state’s many pressing health needs including more addiction treatment centers, maintaining access to the Healthy Indiana Plan and creating a healthier workforce.

Put simply, if Indiana wants to be a state that works, we can’t afford to be a state that smokes. Thank you for helping us spread this message and helping Hoosiers live healthier, happier and more productive lives. 

Learn More
Visit the Alliance’s website at to learn more about the coalition and how you can get involved.