Drug Abuse


Together, we can stem the tide of drug abuse in Indiana.
The prescription drug abuse epidemic in Indiana presents a wide range of challenges for health care providers, patients and families.  IHA is working with Indiana hospitals to address all of the ripple effects that the opioid epidemic has caused.  Some of IHA’s most recent advocacy to prevent and address drug abuse in Indiana includes:

Read more about Governor Holcomb's strategic approach and Indiana's initiatives at NextLevel Recovery Indiana.

If you’re interested in joining IHA’s drug abuse advocacy efforts, email Julie Halbig, Vice President of Legislative Relations or call (317) 423-7740.

Hospital Resources 

​​IHA Addre​ssing Substance ​​​Abuse Toolkit

​AHA Stem the Tide: Addres​​​sing the Opioid Epidemic


Alliance for a Healthier Indiana  
IHA invites you to explore the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana, a group of health care professionals, advocates, community and business leaders from across Indiana who are committed to improving the health of our state. One of our main focus areas is combating the opioid epidemic in Indiana.