With the passing of HEA 1263, telehealth in Indiana has only just begun.

Everyone—regardless of their location—deserves access to health care. IHA was instrumental in ensuring that House Enrolled Act 1263, which eliminated some barriers to conducting telehealth via two-way video connections, passed the Indiana General Assembly. As a follow-up to last year’s telemedicine legislation (HEA 1263), the Indiana General Assembly has taken steps to expand the use of telemedicine by Indiana health care providers through the passage of HEA 1337. Effective July 1, 2017, a prescriber may issue a telemedicine prescription for a controlled substance to a patient with the exception of most opioid-containing drugs. ​

HEA 1263:

  • Helped define telehealth in Indiana
  • Specified professional licensing required to deliver telehealth services
  • Made it possible for providers to prescribe without a prior face-to-face visit
  • Set parameters for delivering safe care remotely

HEA 1337:

  • Requires patients to receive an in-person examination, during which a diagnosis and treatment plan is established, prior to being issued a prescription for a controlled substance via telemedicine.
  • Allows prescribers with valid controlled substance registration to issue prescriptions for controlled substances to patients they are seeing for the first time via telemedicine so long as the prescriber has reviewed and approved the treatment plan and prescribes controlled substances that are consistent with the established diagnosis.
  • Prescribers are prohibited from prescribing opioid-containing drugs via telemedicine, unless the opioid is a partial agonist that is used to treat or manage opioid dependence (which would include Suboxone, but not other substance use disorder treatments such as Methadone).
  • Grants discretion to the FSSA Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning to determine which provider types and entities are eligible for Medicaid reimbursement for covered telemedicine services.
  • Removes distance requirements on providers of telehealth or telemedicine services.

But we've only just begun. The possibilities of telehealth are endless.​

Telehealth Task Force

As part of our ongoing advocacy efforts to maximize the possibilities of telehealth in Indiana, IHA has created a Telehealth Task Force that will provide:

  • Legislative input to IHA’s board and Council on Government Relations
  • Educational opportunities for members
  • Public policy development

If you’re interested in joining IHA’s telehealth advocacy efforts, email Andy VanZee, Vice President or call (317) 423-7796.