Session Update

Indiana General Assembly 2020 Mid-Session Update​

The Indiana General Assembly concluded the first half of the 2020 legislative session on February 4 with health care legislation occupying a significant portion of the discussion. The Indiana General Assembly will resume their duties on February 10 to begin the second half of the legislative session. House bills that moved forward will start the process over in the Senate and Senate bills will begin over in the House.
There was a total of 913 bills introduced in the 2020 session. The House introduced 456 bills, and the Senate introduced 457 bills. Of these, 114 House bills and 175 Senate bills are still alive.

The next significant deadline will be March 3 when House and Senate bills must pass out of the second chamber. The conference committee process then begins on March 4. The legislation will then be eligible for a concurrence or conference committee. If a bill receives changes that differ from the way it was passed out of the original chamber, then the bill author can either concur with those changes or work through those differences in conference committee during the second half of the process. The conference committee process is expected to be completed by March 11, making for a very compressed schedule.

Click here to view the full IHA 2020 Mid Session Report which provides detailed updates on healthcare-related House and Senate bills that have passed out of their respective chambers and a list of House and Senate bills that have died in their house of origin and will not move forward this session. ​

It has been an unprecedented session focused on health care and the IHA team greatly appreciates the feedback from the IHA Board of Directors, the Council on Government Relations and other internal councils for their expertise and advocacy. 

A special thank you to the many members who have already come to testify before the legislature this session as well as those who have contacted legislators by phone or email. Your local and highly personal outreach is what has made the difference so far in curtailing many early threats to Indiana hospitals.

If you have any questions, concerns or additional feedback about any of the legislation that is moving, please contact IHA’s legislative team: Laura McCaffrey​ or Trent Fox​.