Session Update
2019 Legislative Session Report Now Available

The Indiana General Assembly concluded the 2019 legislative session on April 24. The 2019 budget-writing session focused primarily on teacher pay, school safety, gaming, workforce development, hate crimes legislation, and state spending for the next two years. Overall, IHA enjoyed a successful session advancing policies that strengthen hospitals and protect patients. IHA was successful in moving member priority legislation forward as well as fighting off various costly and burdensome bills proposed earlier in the session. IHA's 2019 End of Session​ Report​ details House and Senate bills that have passed out of their respective chambers and are eligible for the Governor’s signature into law as well as bills that failed to advance this session.

Indiana General Assembly 2019 Mid-Session

The Indiana General Assembly concluded the first half of the 2019 legislative session on February 26. The 2019 budget-writing session has focused primarily on teacher pay, school safety, workforce development, hate crimes  legislation, and state spending for the next two years. There were a total of 1,348 bills introduced in the 2019 session. The House introduced 709 bills, and the Senate introduced 639 bills. Of these, 201 House bills and 218 Senate bills are still alive.​ 

Bills will now switch houses during the second half of session for consideration by the other chamber. The next critical deadlines are April 15 for the House and April 16 for the Senate. By those dates, House bills must have passed out of the Senate and Senate bills must have passed out of the House. 

Legislation then will be eligible for a concurrence or conference committee. If a bill receives changes that differ from the way it was passed out of the original chamber, then the bill author can either concur with those changes or work through those differences in conference committee during the second half of the process. While technically the Indiana General Assembly has until April 29 to finish its legislative business, it is expected that the legislature will conclude their business on April 26 due to a major national conference coming to Indianapolis.

IHA's Legislative team sincerely thanks members for their help during the 2019 session. Many individuals gave their time and expertise when testifying and meeting with legislators before and during the session. Please refer to IHA’s 2019 Mid-Session Report​​ to learn more about the House and Senate bills that have passed out of their respective chambers.