Indiana Hospitals Call on Hoosiers to Wear Masks as Cases Surge
October 14, 2020
Indiana Hospitals Call on Hoosiers to Wear Masks as Cases Surge

​​The Indiana Hospital Association, which represents nearly 170 hospitals across the state, is urging Hoosiers to continue to wear face masks, and practice other recommended safety steps, as hospitals across Indiana are seeing a spike in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. 

“We were very pleased to see Governor Holcomb extend the statewide mask order and are grateful for his continued leadership," said IHA President Brian Tabor. 

“We are seeing hospitalizations pick up significantly, which is especially concerning as we approach flu season. If we double down and wear masks, regularly wash our hands, and practice social distancing, it will go a long way in tamping down COVID-19. Communities rely on their hospital and caregivers, especially during the pandemic. We need Hoosiers to do their part to support caregivers on the front lines caring for patients, including those with COVID-19," he said.

Tabor noted that State Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box also expressed concern about the upward trend in hospitalizations.

“As Dr. Box said today, the pandemic remains very much with us and we must remain vigilant. We wish her and her family and all Hoosiers battling the coronavirus a quick return to health."​

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