Hospitals Thank the General Assembly for Removing Language Harmful to Hospitals
March 2, 2020
Hospitals Thank the General Assembly for Removing Language Harmful to Hospitals

​​​​Senate removes provisions in HB 1004 which would have limited access to health care services.

INDIANAPOLIS — Today the State Senate eliminated language in House Bill 1004 that would have devastated urban and rural hospitals in Indiana. Hundreds of hospital employees, physicians, nurses and other clinicians from all corners of the state rallied at the Statehouse Monday urging the Senate to defeat the provision. 

The bill would have negated private contracts between hospitals and insurance companies and forced hospitals to bill insurance companies at rates that would not cover the cost of employees, technology, equipment, and other facility-based elements necessary to provide high quality care. This would have limited access to health services for Hoosiers and resulted in a windfall for big insurance companies.

The Senate instead approved an amendment authored by Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso) to insert language that will provide total transparency for insurers and employers about where off-site services and procedures are provided to patients. The IHA supported the language, which had been part of HB 1005 and had been approved by a House committee.

 “We are grateful for the Senate's actions today," said IHA President Brian Tabor.  “Removing the harmful 'site of service' language in HB 1004 is a win for health care access for Hoosiers."

 Tabor said that the new language will require hospitals to list the exact site of service where services are performed on forms that they submit to insurance companies.  “Indiana hospitals support transparency," he said.  ​​

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