Indiana Hospital Association Issues Warning, Urges Vaccine Uptake as Hospitalizations Surge
August 17, 2021
Indiana Hospital Association Issues Warning, Urges Vaccine Uptake as Hospitalizations Surge

​​​“COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising dramatically in Indiana, increasing 288% since July 4 and approaching 50% of the peak of the pandemic Indiana faced in November. This is creating further strain on our frontline heroes who have battled valiantly throughout the pandemic. Serious staffing shortages persist throughout the national health care system, and Indiana hospitals are taking steps to manage the needs of all patients. In order to preserve capacity for those in need, IHA-member facilities are using evidence-based criteria to prioritize and, when necessary, reschedule non-emergent procedures.

The vast majority of hospitalizations related to COVID-19 are unvaccinated patients. According to State officials, of the 766 people that were admitted to an Indiana hospital with COVID-19 the first week of August, 758 were unvaccinated. Of these, 137 people with COVID-19 were admitted to the ICU and all were unvaccinated. Since January, 98% of COVID-19 hospitalizations have occurred among unvaccinated patients.

We urge all eligible Hoosiers who have not yet received a vaccine to do so immediately. Not only will it dramatically reduce your own risk of serious illness, you will be far less likely to take a hospital bed away from a family member, friend, or neighbor.

There is a myth that physicians should simply cancel ‘elective’ procedures to handle COVID-19 spikes like the one we are experiencing. Most cancer and heart surgeries are technically elective in that they are scheduled, but there is great urgency with these conditions and risks to long-term outcomes. In addition, patients who have scheduled surgeries to relieve chronic pain should not be forced to wait because of an avoidable surge in hospitalizations.

Hoosiers should feel confident that Indiana’s hospitals are managing through the current situation by collaborating with one another and the State of Indiana. However, should the current trends continue, everyone in need of health care could be impacted. We can avoid this easily—please get vaccinated today and encourage your loved ones to do the same.”

Brian Tabor - President

Indiana Hospital Association​​​

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