SunRx is a health care technology company that assists healthcare facilities with 340B administration, including split-billing and 340B contract pharmacy network administration and other pharmacy transactions to Eligible Patients; and other technology products which assist healthcare facilities to optimize their supply chain and pharmacy operations.

SUNRx 340B Webinar Series – An Exclusive Event for IHA Members

TOPIC: 340B Regulatory Update – Past, Present, and Future 

The federal government’s 340B Drug Pricing Program is designed to deliver significant drug price savings to eligible health care organizations and their patients. Special guest speaker Jeff Davis of Baker Donelson will present regulatory and compliance insights for safety net hospitals to consider when managing their 340B programs. Information presented will empower hospitals and FQHC’s to position their entity for the changes currently being explored in the 340B marketplace. This 60-minute webinar is intended exclusively for the membership of SUNRx business partners. 

DATE:   Tuesday, March 10, 2020    

TIME:   2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

SPEAKER:  Jeff Davis is Counsel in Baker Donelson's Washington, DC office. He is a Senior Advisor in the firm's Government Relations and Public Policy Group. Jeff provides clients with health care regulatory counsel on issues affecting health care providers, including Medicare and Medicaid billing and reimbursement. He assists hospitals, pharmacies, other health care providers, and vendors on issues related to the federal 340B drug pricing program, including enrollment; contracting; audits; compliance with 340B, Medicare, and Medicaid requirements; and self-disclosures. Prior to joining the Firm, Jeff served as vice president and legislative and policy counsel for 340B Health, a nonprofit organization of mor​e than 1,300 hospitals and health systems participating in the 340B drug pricing program. During his more than seven years with 340B Health, he provided hospitals with technical assistance on 340B, Medicare, and Medicaid program compliance issues, oversaw research and policy efforts, and helped lead the government relations team in their work to educate members of Congress and their staff on the importance of the 340B program to hospitals and their patients.

​Please join us for this informative webinar event where we will be discussing current trends and drivers in the world of 340B audits. 

​14 Feb 2019
 CVS Caremark sent out notices to pharmacies owned by 340B Covered Entities (that serve 80% or more 340B eligible members), to impose “unique terms and conditions, including dramatically lower reimbursement rates,” originally slated to be effective 2/1/19.

This caused significant confusion (and concern), prompting CVS Caremark to delay the implementation until 4/1/19 and giving the affected pharmacies until 3/15/19 to respond in writing with either acceptance or rejection or the revised terms and conditions.

340B Health and Covered Entities reached out to senior leaders at CVS Caremark, in addition to considering advocacy at the federal level, in an attempt to encourage them to reverse course.​

It has been reported by Mode​rn Healthcare and 340B Health  that on February 11, 2019, CVS Caremark did change course and has announced it will not institute the substantial cuts to reimbursements for these affected pharmacies (based on the feedback it received from the stakeholders). They have shared they are currently in the process of notifying the affected pharmacies that received the prior notices of its change of direction.​

This is a positive outcome for these pharmacies and will allow the affected 340B Covered Entities to continue using the savings from the program to serve their patients.

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