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Your Care Connection 

Maintaining a 98% client retention rate, Medical Solutions provides innovative staffing support in partnership with our hospital and health system clients. Our organic growth, along with strategic acquisitions such as FocusOne Solutions and Aureus Medical, strengthens Medical Solutions for a combined 70+ years of healthcare staffing experience. This makes us "better together." ​

Services Provided
Our MSP program was launched as a response to the changing landscape​ in temporary healthcare staffing and the growing need for healthcare systems to take a more quality-focused approach to contract staffing. Our MSP is a comprehensive, wraparound service designed to deliver quality candidates and whole-house program management in a stressed labor market. Our Hybrid Recruiting Model  is “vendor competitive.” We utilize the resources of over 400 internal recruiters and over 500 network affiliates on our vendor panel. This ensures that all resources are deployed immediately to find staff that it is not only the best clinical and cultural fit, but also 100% licensed and compliant for all your requests. This approach has helped us to achieve a 95% traveler completion rate among our MSP clients.​

​Infographic: What is an MSP?

what is an MSP flyer.PNGAs a healthcare staffing leader or hiring manager, you may be familiar with what a Managed Services Provider (MSP) does or know how an MSP works. Or, you may not know how it differs from traditional contingent healthcare staffing. If you don't know, don't be embarrassed. At Medical Solutions, it's a question we hear more than you might suspect. 

This infographic illustrates the difference that working with an MSP can make in clear terms and diagrams. Take a closer look by clicking on the accompanying image. 

While traditional contingent staffing can be effective, using too many agencies can put a strain on human resources, hiring managers, and supply chain leaders. Partnering with the right MSP can help fill jobs faster while reducing administrative burden. 

Learn even more about MSPs from this 15-minute webinar. 

what is an MSP.PNG

If you'd prefer a one-on-one conversation, contact Tony Lehman at 402.295.3600 or tony.lehman@medicalsolutions.com.​


Market Demand: Sept. 25, 2023​

Medical Solutions Market Demand_9.25.2023.pdf

Blog Posts

​​Transition Programs

Effective transition planning is crucial for health care organizations to maintain smooth operations and ensure continuity of care. It involves anticipating and managing changes in the health care workforce to minimize disruptions to patient care and maintain operational excellence. Partnering with a health care talent ecosystem provider, such as Medical Solutions can help organizations identify qualified healthcare professionals to fill temporary or permanent positions, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition. Interested in learning more? Read our full article and see if your facility could benefit from transition planning. 

To gain insight into the practical application of a transition program for ICU nurses and the outcomes it yields, click here​.

Voices of Care
The Voices of Care survey reveals the transitions nurses experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how these changes have affected various aspects of healthcare. The focus of this article is on core nursing staff (permanent nurses) and their characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors compared to travel and per diem staff. 

The survey, conducted by Medical Solutions, found that core nursing staff choose permanency for the following reasons:
  • Being with family
  • A consistent income
  • Working with the same team
  • Patient care
  • Appropriate staffing levels
  • Healthy work-life balance 

Recently, SIA spoke with Medical Solutions' CNO Patti Artley about the survey findings to get her insight on how healthcare facilities can care for their core staff. Learn what surprised Patti the most from the survey findings in the SIA article​

Holistic Workforce Solutions of the Future​
As the health care industry faces the challenges of nursing shortages, an evolving multigenerational workforce, and the growing importance of mental health, organizations are adopting new strategies to meet the demands of the future. 

Patti Artley, CNO of Medical Solutions, discusses with HealthLeaders how health care institutions need to move beyond traditional staffing models and embrace holistic workforce partnerships that prioritize flexible scheduling, crisis staffing, mental health support, culture, and technology. 

Pioneering the Health Care Talent Ecosystem
​​Medical Solutions' CEO Craig Meier discusses the future of healthcare staffing – what exactly is a healthcare talent ecosystem, how does it work, and how does it meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations? He touches on how a healthcare talent ecosystem gives organizations control by offering innovative workforce solutions to help lower their dependency on traditional travelers, gives them the resources to attract and retain talent internally, and provides technology that allows them to be more efficient and strategic, which then delivers them savings. 
Read more about Meier's insight in this Q&A interview with Modern Healthcare.​

Introducing Matchwell
IHA is pleased to introduce members to a new resource to maximize the power of your local workforce. Matchwell is designed to engage more clinicians that live within driving distance of your facilities to make staffing easier. 

Learn more here: MedSol + Matchwell.pdf

Understanding and Addressing Today’s Nursing Challenges

To address challenges facing nurses today, we must first try to understand them. Medical Solutions' CNO Patti Artley recently sat down with Becker's Hospital Review to offer expert insight into these complex challenges facing nurses today, and the proven strategies health leaders must adopt to initiate lasting change.

Click here to access the full article.

Flexible Work Scheduling
This month, Medical Solutions dives into the benefits of flexible work scheduling. 

Nursing care teams have felt the strain of workforce shortages for a while. Exacerbated by high churn, time-consuming tasks, and lack of proper breaks or lunches, a flexible scheduling program can offer much-needed relief and support for our care teams. 

Is Flexible Work Scheduling a good fit for your facility? What steps are needed to begin?

Building the Pipeline
This month, Medical Solutions digs into the importance of educating and engaging future nurses as early as high school in order to help build the healthcare workforce for generations to come. The PDF attached highlights college and high school partnerships and non-nursing scholarships/pay to learn opportunities, both of which can ensure workforce longevity. Take a few minutes to read over the two programs you can explore and implement, the processes, and the expected outcomes to grow your facility’s pipeline. 

Learn more here: Building the Pipeline.pdf

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Take New Risks 
In today’s healthcare climate, it’s become increasingly important for leaders to be less risk-averse. It’s no secret that healthcare is evolving, and therefore, success is going to be defined differently.  

Effective patient care requires creative leadership.  

In this 11-minute podcast, hear from Patti Artley, Chief Nursing Officer at Medical Solutions, as she discusses what she feels clinicians really need from leadership, and how leaders can accept uncertainty to best support staff and embrace the possibilities to reimagine how care is provided post-pandemic.  

The makeup of the people in the workforce is changing in an unprecedented way. The arrival of Gen Z creates a five-generation workforce and presents both challenges and opportunities.

To correctly connect this generation to their colleagues, we need to be mindful of who this generation is.

That means understanding what they want from their work, what type of opportunities and settings are most attractive to them, and how they can help change the healthcare landscape for the better. ​ Read more.​

​​ As Tripledemic Pressure Increases, Find Workforce Relief with Medical Solutions
The ongoing tripledemic of RSV, COVID-19, and the seasonal flu has placed many facilities in crisis mode – straining hospital capacity, exacerbating labor shortages, and applying pressure to health systems across the nation.
As you feel the strain, we’re here to help - 

  • Managed Services Provider: Our MSP can help your facility promptly find, hire, and manage top clinical talent to fill crucial labor gaps.
  • Nursing & Allied Health: Our multi-point screening process quickly vets and places experienced, ready-to-work clinicians of all specialties, including PICU, Respiratory Therapy, ER, and more.
Medical Solutions - Tripledemic.pdf


Webinar: Business Adaptation as a Result of the Pandemic
The pandemic upended the healthcare staffing industry and forced radical shifts, staff shortages are ongoing and 53% of healthcare professionals do not feel optimistic about the future of healthcare. To keep pace with the rate of change, staffing providers and health systems alike have had to adapt to meet the ever-evolving needs of clinicians and patients.

Podcast: The Marriage of Technology and Human-First Approach Delivers Results
edical Solutions' Chief Operating Officer, Joel Tremblay was interviewed in a HealthLeaders podcast titled, Why Choosing the Right Workforce Partner Matters: Medical Solutions Uses the Human Approach & Technology for Results. The interview is about the importance of choosing a total workforce solutions partner that has access to both people and technology, emphasizing the human element and the benefits of having real people involved in the hiring process. You can read more about the podcast here.

f you would prefer to read an article on this content, HealthLeaders also wrote a Q&A article to compliment the podcast.​

​​ New Whitepaper – Beyond Burnout: Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Healthcare
What happens when a significant percentage of the caregiving population is suffering? Who cares for the caregiver? Those questions drive the latest whitepaper from Medical Solutions.

Nurses and other clinicians who endured the pandemic were left with the consequences of trauma – anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Without support to address mental health issues, they may struggle to care for patients, leave the profession, or worse, harm themselves.

Our new whitepaper, Beyond Burnout: Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Healthcare, explores this tough topic and its implications on staffing and patient care. Using current research, the paper:
  • Examines the extent of the mental health crisis among healthcare staff.
  • Explores the impact it can have on staffing levels and how a worsening labor shortage could impact patient care.
  • Provides guidance on how leaders can support the mental health of their staff to create a more emotionally healthy and resilient workforce.

How to Create an RFP to Find the Right Workforce Solutions Partner
Your health system, hospital, or post-acute facility has decided to get outside help with staffing, but where do you start? The labor market remains tight, and the industry is full of companies that vary significantly in scale and capability. Many systems and facilities are turning to the request-for-proposal (RFP) process to improve clarity on what they want and better understand which partner best fits their needs.

An RFP is an open request for bids and proposals, meant to foster healthy competition, but the responses are only as good as the questions you ask. If you’re not familiar with what questions to include for a comprehensive request for healthcare workforce solutions, read on for guidance and tips for creating a successful RFP.

10 Tips for a Smoother Labor Dispute
As we all know, labor disputes can be very “sticky situations” and generally should be avoided if possible. However, sometimes negotiations break down, and they become unavoidable.

Medical Solutions’ array of total workforce solutions for hospitals and facilities helps you manage through these “sticky situations.” Over the years, we’ve learned how to avoid unnecessary complications and help keep your facility’s operations running smoothly throughout the job action. Not sure where to start? Here are our top 10 tips for a successful hospital labor dispute.

Matchwell Acquisition
The Matchwell Acquisition expands Medical Solutions' current portfolio of service offerings into the per diem and local. Read the press release​.​

Self-Care for Healthcare Leaders and HR Professionals: More Efficient Hiring and Onboarding
The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. Leaders and HR professionals involved in healthcare hiring have endured a stress-induced headache for more than a year, as a tight labor market turned into an urgent and persistent shortage.

So, what’s the prescription for this headache? Start with some serious self-care. But it can’t just be pain relievers, rest, or a spa day. The right self-care starts with finding a partner to lighten the hiring load and reduce stress. Consider the benefits of a total workforce solution. Read more.

​If you’re curious about how Medical Solutions can help you expedite hiring and relieve HR stress and pressure, then you owe it to yourself to start a conversation with our team of experts. It’s the right self-care for hiring leaders.

Post-Acute Leaders: What Keeps You Up at Night?
The COVID-19 pandemic created shockwaves in every part of the healthcare industry. Post-acute facilities, and in particular skilled nursing facilities (SNF), absorbed a massive impact, as they have both an especially vulnerable patient population in residential facilities and a critical labor shortage.

It will impact the industry for years to come, and as the pandemic wanes and transitions into an endemic, significant challenges remain. What fears are keeping post-acute facility leaders awake at night? Staffing, leadership roles, audits and disorganization top the list. While each is difficult, solutions can be found and created. ​ Read more.

If your post-acute facility faces any or all of these challenges and needs a strategic staffing partner with industry-leading expertise, reach out to Medical Solutions to start a conversation. Having a proven and trusted partner in the industry may allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

Market Mindfulness Means We Focus on You
Being someone’s partner means you should be a priority. For some companies, that’s not the case. They expend energy in pursuit of new clients rather than solving the problems their clients face.

At Medical Solutions, we practice market mindfulness to keep the focus on your healthcare staffing needs. Learn how in this video or read more here​.

Our total workforce solution combines a human-first approach with data analytics to help you tackle both urgent and strategic challenges.

Ready to be a priority? Connect with our team to learn more about how Medical Solutions can address your staffing needs.

​​ Converting Traveling Clinicians to Permanent Staff 
At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the last two years, many full-time staff nurses and clinicians made the change to traveling assignments, often working with agencies to find the right hospital and situation. Beyond their professional and personal interest in urgently helping patients, there were significant incentives to travel. Today, that supply/demand curve has changed. More nurses are seeking full-time staff positions. For hospitals and health systems, one solution could be to convert their existing travelers into permanent staff positions.

Curious to learn more about how the right partner can help you with both your short-term and long-term strategic hiring plans? Reach out to our team of experts and start a conversation about your healthcare staffing needs.

Read more here.

Talent Priorities in a Post-Pandemic Workforce
It’s a difficult truth to hear. At any given time, a percentage of your workforce will decide to leave, contributing to the growing 25.9% rate of national hospital turnover. Contingent and permanent clinicians are making career-defining choices all the time. As we settle in the aftershock of the pandemic, their shifting priorities are redefining what roles could look like in a post-pandemic workforce. As the healthcare workforce continues to evolve, how are you keeping up with your talent?

If your facility is considering the use of travel nurses and clinicians to meet evolving workforce trends, reach out to Medical Solutions to start a conversation about how we can support your specific staffing needs.

View the full blog post.

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
Age-diversity among clinical workforce settings is at historic levels. Why? Because up to five generations are working simultaneously. Gen X (born 1965-1980) and Millennials (born 1981-1996) make up the largest percentage of the active nurse force, while many Boomers (1946-1964), and some Traditionalists (1928-1945), have reasons to work years beyond the typical retirement age. At the same time, Gen Z is already starting to make a noticeable presence in clinical units today.

Each generation brings different skill sets, priorities, and communication styles that affect teamwork and the delivery of quality patient care. Because of this, clinical leadership plays a crucial role in harnessing the best of each generational skill set to create strong, diverse teams and build adaptable unit cultures that can flourish in our current climate of rapid change.

Learn more​ about how Medical Solutions can help.

Medical Solutions Ranked Among HRO Today's Baker's Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings  List for MSPs​
edical Solutions is proud to have been named among HRO Today's 2022 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings (Contingent Labor Resourcing and Management) for MSP and is the first time Medical Solutions has made the HRO Today list. The HRO Today Baker’s Dozen is considered by many in the industry to be the gold standard among HR service providers.

The Baker’s Dozen ratings are not based on the opinions of the HRO Today staff, but rather, they are based on feedback from buyers of the services rated. Put simply, this rating reflects the opinions of the clients we serve. It’s a testament to our commitment to connecting care with innovative technology and human-first service. We’re grateful to our clients, partners, traveling nurses, clinicians, and our full-time employees for helping us achieve this milestone.

The full article is available here.

​​ Myths and Facts Regarding Exclusive MSP Relationships

Working with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can expand access to candidates by activating hundreds of affiliated staffing agencies for a candidate search, while simultaneously removing administrative burden from hospital staff. In working with an MSP, there’s typically an exclusive contracted relationship between the facility or system and that MSP. There are misconceptions and misunderstandings about what exclusivity can mean. A review of the facts about exclusivity can help bust some of the myths.

Read the full article here​.​

Advantages of MSP Exclusivity.pdf


Increase Efficiency to Do More with Less
​​he pandemic may be diminishing, but the crunch for skilled clinicians remains. The demand for quality nurses still outstrips supply, making hiring and retaining staff a challenge.

While a managed services provider (MSP) cannot directly solve the supply and demand issue, it can dramatically increase hiring efficiency, and allow facilities to do more with less. Our new video illustrates how.

A dedicated staffing partner can help reduce the burden of many hiring tasks. If you're interested in learning more about how Medical Solutions' MSP can address your contingent staffing initiatives, connect with Tony Lehman at 402.295.3600 or tony.lehman@medicalsolutions.com.

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You know your health care staffing needs, so let us take care of the rest. At Medical Solutions, we listen carefully and get to know you on a human level so that we can better connect you to the right staff to achieve your goals. Together, let's bring your care-team vision to life. Learn more here​.​​

Medical Solutions is endorsed by IHA for workforce solutions that streamline healthcare staffing through fully customized programs.

Medical Solutions is one of the nation's largest healthcare talent ecosystems that specializes in placing quality nurses, allied health care professionals, and interim clinical leaders in contingent as well as permanent, local, and per diem positions for hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities throughout the U.S. Our workforce solutions include a managed services program, which offers a streamlined approach to contingent workforce processes, helping facilities gain efficiencies, control labor costs, and enhance patient care standards​.


Workforce solutions that streamline healthcare staffing through fully customized programs.


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