Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)


CAUTIs are the second most common source of secondary bloodstream infections in hospitalized patients. Coalition for Care participants work to overcome both the technical and culture components that lead to infections. Learn more about CAUTIs »

IHA CAUTI Webinar: Committed to Prevention

IHA's Indiana Patient Safety Center hosted a webinar in 2015 focused on the impact of CAUTI on Hoosiers and how Indiana hospitals’ are committed to prevention. Review the presentation to learn more and watch the full recording​.

IHA Regional Roadshows

The IHA Regional Roadshow focused on CAUTI in the Spring of 2014. National speakers Karen M. Jones and Eugene S. Chu presented on CAUTI Prevention meeting the following objectives:

  • Key elements of teamwork that contributed to high performing teams
  • Appropriate indications for indwelling urinary catheter placement in patients presenting to the ED
  • Key technical aspects and practices that contribute to the prevention of CAUTI

National speaker presentations:

At each regional roadshow, hospitals provided an overview of their activities and how their efforts have supported the reduction of CAUTIs. They shared practical advice for reducing unnecessary utilization of urinary catheters. Hospital success stories can be found below.


VHA HEN Educational Resource: Strategies to Reduce CAUTIs

VHA partnered with the nationally recognized CAUTI prevention leader, Dr. Sanjay Saint, to provide a four-part educational program where hospitals can learn strategies and practices to make sustainable performance improvements. Each session focused on a different aspect of CAUTI prevention and provided actionable strategies to prevent CAUTI and improve outcomes. Access the four-part series here.