Register for the IHA Annual Membership Meeting

We hope you'll join us at the 2019 IHA Annual Membership Meeting as hospital leaders from across the state come together to network with their peers, hear from inspiring speakers, and work together to shape the future of Indiana health care.

The Value of Hoosier Hospitals

Indiana Hospitals serve their communities in many ways. Click here to learn how.

​Big Data. ​Bigger Impact.​

IHA’s data team is committed to big data that provides big, local insights. Learn how ChimeMaps can help your hospital understand utilization, target health care needs in your market, and conduct key decision support analysis.​

Hospital Collabo​​ration
Indiana Hospitals Collaborate to Improve Quality & Safety

There are 11 patient safety coaltions dedicated to making better care for Hoosiers. The Central Southwest Coaltion is improving transitions between health care settings to best care for patients.​

The Power of Conversation​​​​

How the simple act of listening helped Parkview LaGrange better meet the needs of the Amish Community.​ 

Meet Your Health​​​​ Care Legislative Leaders​

State Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso) and State Representative Cindy Kirchhofer (R-Beech Grove) play key leadership roles at the Indiana Statehouse

Building Patient Safety Awareness​

2019 patient safety awareness campaign and calendar announced.​​

Bending the Cost Curve

To improve health and contain health care costs, more employers are counting on near-site health clinics.