Indiana ChimeMaps

​​​​​​​​Big Data. Bigger Impact.

Indiana ChimeMaps is an online mapping tool designed to help your hospital target health care needs by geographic location.

Health Care Hot-Spotting​

Indiana ChimeMaps will assist your hospital in health care hot-spotting utilizing a data-driven process for the timely identification of health care patterns in your area. It allows you to select patient encounters for specific health disparity indicators, identify high-frequency users by patient setting, and extract demographic and socioeconomic measures targeted areas of need.

Population Health Tracking

Hospitals can select specific neighborhoods and clinical conditions, including 70 health indicators, to achieve greater insight into factors impacting community health and driving utilization, as well as to evaluate for community analysis activities.

Three principal modules make up the program:
    • Service Line Analysis:  Maps hospital encounters for service lines of interest using different views including: the number of discharges per zip code, the zip code's share of the hospital's total discharges, the market share for the hospital, and the discharge rate per 1,000 of the census population
    • Community Analysis:  Provides hospitals the ability to zoom to local levels and evaluate specific health conditions identified in public health documents as exhibiting health disparities. Hospitals can then investigate characteristics of the local population by selecting among 40 different census demographic and socioeconomic variables.
    • Distance Analysis: Allows hospitals to evaluate their service areas using driving distances while displaying aggregated patient and census population information within selected areas.

There is a per-hospital, multi-user subscription fee to utilize the Indiana ChimeMaps web-based tool.   

Download the Indiana ChimeMaps brochure.​ For questions, con​tact Elaine Pittman at​ or 317-423-7735.​


Click here to view a recorded demonstration of Indiana ChimeMaps.