​​​​​​​Welcome to the Indiana Hospital Data Submission portal!

The Indiana Hospital Data Submission Portal, or INHDS, is currently under construction but is expected to be released soon! Below are some helpful resources and information to help your organization prepare to transition to INHDS when it's ready.​


Helpful INHDS Resources ​

  1. INHDS File Specification Manual  ​​​​- Outlines the extraction instructions for EMR report writers

  2. Overview and Introduction to INHDS  - Provides an overview of the new discharge collection program in Indiana and timelines for the project transition.

  3. ISDH Compliance Letter​ - Serves as a prioritization justification for vendors and IT support staff outlining the Indiana statute governing the INHDS program.

  4. Watch the overview​ (webinar recording) -  Gives an overview of the program and offers necessary details.

Questions? Contact:

INHDS Program Manager

Senior Vice President, Data and Member Solutions