Culture of Safety

​Improving patient safety starts with improving patient safety culture. 

IHA assists in the administration of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture at no cost to members. IHA collects the responses to the online surveys and provides hospitals with in-depth tools to create detailed analyses of their organization’s culture as it relates to patient safety. 

Survey participants are asked about their opinions regarding patient safety issues, medical error/event reporting and organization-wide communication following events. Through the AHRQ survey, hospital leaders can: 

  • Gain insight into the perception of employees and physicians on the culture of patient safety within their hospital 
  • Set baselines in advance of a new safety initiative 
  • Identify the specific challenges their organization faces in implementing improved patient safety practices 
  • Monitor the changes in the culture of safety of their organization from year-to-year 

Ready to get started? 

At this time, IHA can offer the Culture of Patient Safety Survey for hospitals and medical offices. 

​For questions about the survey or to begin the survey process at your organization, please email Madeline Wilson or Karin Kennedy​.​