​Patient safety is everyone’s job and it is our focus year-round​.

​As health care providers, we must lead in educating the public about important patient safety issues. ​​​Whether you are launching a general campaign for Patient Safety Awareness Week or wish to focus on the issues that affect your hospital most, we run several campaigns to help your hospital promote patient safety in your community.
  • In Indiana, sepsis is the most frequent inpatient discharge aside from deliveries. Over 3,000 Hoosiers died from sepsis in one year, according to the 2017 IHA Inpatient Discharge Study.​​ Indiana hospitals have been working hard to decrease inpatient sepsis mortality and IHA created our Survive Sepsis campaign to help with that goal.​
  • The goal of the UP C​​ampaign​ is to simplify safe care and streamline cross-cutting interventions to reduce the risk for multiple patient harms. By focusing on three areas of patient care, Wake UP, Get UP, and Soap Up, the UP Campaign helps providers reduce harm in Indiana hospitals.​
  • IHA’s Indiana Patient Safety Center annually celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week​ to educate the public on hot topics in patient safety and empower Hoosiers to be engaged in their own health care. ​​​​​​​​​