UP Campaign

​​​​Generic-TallCallout.pngImproving patient safety doesn't have to be complicated.

In fact, in an ever-changing health care environment, in which best practices and intervention methods shift frequently, the HRET HIIN UP Campaign was designed to make it easy to keep patients safe and providers sane. 
The goal of the UP campaign is to simplify safe care and streamline cross-cutting interventions to reduce the risk for multiple patient harms. By focusing on three areas of patient care, the UP Campaign helps providers reduce harm in Indiana hospitals. 

Generic-Icon.pngWAKE UP
Reducing unnecessary sleepiness and sedation through opioid and sedative safety plans


WAKE UP - 1st quarter 2018 

IHA WAKE  UP Webinar Series: We hosted a four-part WAKE UP series during the 1st quarter of 2018. View recordings and slides from these webinars here. 


Mobilizing patients to recover faster through progressive mobility plans


October 2019 Falls Rewind Webinar below - View slides here


GET ​UP - 4th quarter 2017 

IHA GET UP Webinar Series: View the GET UP webinar slides and recordings by following links below. 

Implementing appropriate hand hygiene to reduce the spread of infection

 ​SOAP U​P - 3rd quarter 2017

IHA SOAP ​UP Webinar Series: View the SOAP UP webinar slides and recordings by following links below. 

If you’re interested in more information about how you can implement the UP Campaign at your hospital, contact Annette Handy.

For additional UP Campaign resources, visit the UP Campaign website.