Meeting Your PAC Goal

​​You can meet your PAC goal—and we can help.

After decades of helping members facilitate Friends of Indiana Hospitals campaigns, we’ve learned that many successful hospitals often employ similar tactics.

Hospitals who meet their PAC goal:

  • Communicate the value of Friends to their members early and often
  • Have senior leadership who give—and who articulate the importance of giving to hospital staff
  • Host an after-hours and/or off-site meeting focused solely on the success of the Friends campaign
  • Celebrate and steward donors who have given

Tips to meeting your PAC goal:

  • Gather home addresses of potential donors and previous donors, including management teams, medical staff, and board members.
  • Customize recruitment letterprint on Friends stationery, and include the Friends brochure.
  • Mail each potential donor a letter and Friends brochure with donor card and envelope. 
  • Consider hosting an after-hours, off-site meeting. 
  • Use the key facts and advocacy success stories that will best reach your audiences.
  • Encourage club membership.
  • Send follow-up letters to potential donors.
  • Send thank-you cards or letters to all contributors.
  • Finally, make your own donation​. If your hospital is close to making the goal, you may want to add enough to your donation to put you over the top.

For more information about how to reach your PAC goal, or for additional Friends resources, email  Melissa Vise  or call 317-423-7731.