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​Introducing IHA's New Strategic Partner:​ PPE Exchange - An Automated Source for PPE and Supplies

In the beginning of Indiana's COVID-19 response, hospitals and other provider groups were struggling to source the PPE and disinfecting supplies necessary to maintain operations. Now, IHA is pleased  to offer an exciting PPE resource to our members. 

PPE Exchange is an online marketplace of regional and national suppliers of PPE. Via PPE Exchange, hospitals, providers, and bu​sinesses looking for supplies are virtually connected to a marketplace of verified suppliers where they can search for items, schedule orders, compare prices and complete the transaction online. 

PPE Exchange is currently providing PPE to some of the nation's largest hospital networks, GPO’s, health care insurers, and federal agencies. IHA is excited to offer this very same opportunity to our members by welcoming PPE Exchange as our new Strategic Partner. ​

Benefits of sourcing supplies on PPE Exchange
Support technology built on blockchain allows you to track the transaction from placement of order to delivery
Access to more than 250 regional and national suppliers
Ability to price shop across numerous suppliers
Process for aggregate or bulk ordering for smaller volume providers who typically don’t meet the required minimums
A “request a quote” & RFP feature to compare current pricing with pricing from PPE Exchange’s large network of suppliers

To begin accessing the IHA marketplace on PPE Exchange, please proceed to the dedicated login page.​

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To kick things off, IHA recently hosted an introductory webinar. View the slides here

​Additionally, IHA intends to start a group order for our state in order to achieve better pricing for all of our members. This will include multiple "ship to" locations and the most competitive PPE prices from the PPE Exchange Vendor network. Please fill out this survey so we can understand the current demand needs of our members. At the conclusion of this webinar, we will open up group order one for IHA's members! 
For questions on orders, contact PPE Exchange's Jake Deichmann or contact IHA's Cathy Armold for more information on this partnership. ​