CEO Dashboard
​​​​IHA's CEO Dashboard is an innovative product to track your hospital's performance indices. This product is one of the many values of your participation in IHA data projects as an IHA member, with no subscription fee required to access the dashboard. 

CEO Dashboard Overview

The CEO Dashboard consolidates information from all of the IHA data programs in which your hospital participates and provides you with a snapshot of the data quarterly.
It contains key indicators from the inpatient and outpatient utilization studies, readmissions, mortality rates, infections, financial indicators, payer mix, staff turnover, nursing compensation, economic impact and population health.  The CEO Dashboard is designed to help your hospital target potential areas for improvement, as well as areas in which you are performing well. The information displayed will be consolidated for viewing from data already made available to others in your hospital. 

​Report Orientation ​

To help navigate you through CEO Dashboard and answer any questions you may have, IHA has created a brief video with an introduction to the product.


To learn more about the CEO Dashboard, please email Matt Browning​ or or call 317-423-7739.