HR Benchmarking Survey

How Does Your Workforce Compare to Other Hospitals?

The HR Benchmarking Survey is issued each quarter to report on open positions and turnover rates at participating Indiana hospitals. Your participation helps understand where the greatest demand is, both geographically and by position. This in turn helps in our advocacy efforts to provide more educational opportunities for future health care professionals and to make Indiana an attractive destination.

View Previous HR Benchmarking Surveys

Beginning in the first quarter of 2012, IHA began offer robust reporting tools via the HR Benchmarking website (login required). You can select which positions to view, view historical data, and monitor annual vacancy and turnover rates. All IHA members can view summary-level data on open positions and turnover from previous years.

Participate in the HR Benchmarking Survey

Help us understand your workforce challenges. Become a participant in our quarterly survey. As a participant, you’ll have access to in-depth analysis of how your vacancy and turnover rates compare with other hospitals in your region and at peer hospitals across the entire state.​