Patient Safety


Generic-PageImage-Small.png Making  Indiana the safest state to receive health care. 

Indiana hospitals have agreed to not compete on patient safety. Through the Indiana Patient Safety Center (IPSC), hospitals can come together to identify goals to reduce harm, share best practices, measure improvement, and ultimately, make Indiana the safest place to receive healthcare in the nation, if not the world.  


The IPSC leads quality initiatives through education, resource sharing and collaboration to implement evidence-based practices. Some IPSC successes include: 

  • 2018 marked the 12 year anniversary of the creation of the IPSC. 
  • The completion of the Hospital Engagement Network 2.0 (HEN 2.0) was in September of 2016, which resulted in more than 3,751 harms prevented. 
  • The Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN), the next phase of HEN 2.0, launched at the end of 2016. IPSC recruited 104 hospitals to participate, and completed 102 site visits to these hospitals from January to March of 2017. 
  • Each year, we offer the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Survey of Patient Safety Culture free to members. In 2016, 94 separate locations implemented the survey through IHA. 
  • IPSC promotes hospital collaboration through our 11 patient safety coalitions across the state who meet regularly to share best practices and discuss regional improvement initiatives. 
  • In September of 2016, IPSC launched the See It, Stop It, Survive It: Sepsis campaign to help increase the public's and the practitioner's awareness of sepsis. Through the campaign, IHA had 11.4 million media impressions. See It, Stop It, Survive It will take place again this September. 

For an overview of the Indiana Patient Safety Center’s work, we invite you to read our  2016 Annual Report
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