Occasionally, to address an emerging health care issue, IHA convenes a special taskforce to report on that issue and make recommendations to the IHA Board of Directors for further action. IHA’s active taskforces include:

The Rehabilitation Taskforce supports quality, cost-effective and accessible rehabilitation programs. The taskforce works to support IHA members through activities that educate consumers and providers, influence public policy and legislation and enhance the delivery of rehabilitation services to people with disabilities.

The Population Health Taskforce launched in 2016 to determine what population health programs exist across the state and how those resources can be shared between and among health care providers to address challenges facing all Hoosiers.

The Telehealth Taskforce was created to help Indiana achieve the ideal state of telemedicine through educating and identifying best practices for IHA members, as well as through public policy development. The Taskforce has also assisted in providing legislative input to IHA’s board and Council on Government Relations on telehealth matters.

The Price and Quality Transparency Taskforce encourages and assists members with evolving best practices in price transparency. In 2015, the Taskforce launched mycareinsight.org—a website featuring hospital charges and quality ratings for the 100 most frequent inpatient procedures—to help meet Hoosiers’ desire for readily available information about the price and quality of health care in Indiana. The Taskforce recently updated the site to provide information for the 50 most frequent outpatient procedures.

To find out more about Taskforces, please email Laura Gilbert​.