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​​ 2024-02_chiw-2024-email-300x300.jpgCelebrate CHI Week 2024

The Indiana Hospital Association is proud to join AHA Community Health Improvement in celebrating Community Health Improvement Week from June 10–14. Let's come together to inspire initiatives that build stronger, healthier communities. 

Discover how your organization can get involved and make a difference: aha.org/chiweek

​​ survey.jpgAHA Annual Survey Deadline Extended to July 31

Members, we ask that you please participate in the AHA Annual Survey, which is now online. As you know, the AHA Annual Survey is an important source of provider data and the source for AHA Guide®, Hospital Statistics™ and U.S. News & World Report's Directory of America's Hospitals (www.usnews.com). It is vitally important to collect accurate and updated information about your organization each year, and your response ensures that your hospital's information will be represented in these field-defining resources. 

Health care leaders, policymakers, and researchers use the AHA Annual Survey to better describe and understand the operations of U.S. hospitals. The data and insights drawn from the survey also support several important AHA actions, including strong advocacy on behalf of hospitals and health systems. The AHA uses these data to assess the impact of legislative and regulatory policy changes and educate policymakers about the realities that face America's hospital and health system leaders as they care for their patients and communities. 

Over the last year, the AHA has been working to update their survey platform to provide you with a better survey experience. This year's survey is being launched on a fully refreshed survey platform. Our hope is that these changes will make the survey more user friendly and easier to complete. 

Important resources:​

  • Link to the survey is: https://ahasurvey.org
  • A helpful walkthrough document is saved here.
  • The email assigned as survey administrator for logging on was sent to you previously. If you cannot locate the instructional email, please reach out to Laura Gilbert.  
  • If you have questions or need assistance completing the survey, please call 800-530-9092 or email surveysupport@aha.org.  ​Survey responses are due July 31. ​